who we are?

The “Pledge for Roma” team is a trans-national group of people and organizations, made-up by serios Roma activists throughout Europe. People that fight every day to combat racism, prejudice and segregation directed against Roma and our communities. 

Together we are the biggest proactive Roma network, having close contact with hundreds of thousands  of people and working in hundreds of Roma communities in Europe.

We’ve proved ourselves multiple times through our actions, advocacy efforts, and efficacy, now we want to get more people in our community and ask every person in the world to join the fight and work together with us to help combat the discrimination and scarcity Roma people face every day in our countries. 

Arpil 8th, 1971

First world Roma congress

50 years ago, in a School close to London, Roma activists from allover Europe gathered and agreed upon Roma common values, culture, identity, language and most importantly, they demanded we be called “ROMA” instead of hateful terms such as “Gipsy”, “Țigan” and others

Gabriel T Balanescu


Mr. Grattan Puxon, one of the organisers of the First World Roma Congress has been our inspiration in developing this pledge system for Roma.

After we’ve understood all their struggle, to try and unite our people in culture, identity and values, after we’ve understood how hard it was to be Roma back then and how their actions impacted all of our lives that are here today, we’ve decided that is our time to do something BIG for Roma, wherever we are!

Our awesome Partners

Helping us build the biggest european Roma community